Monday, August 23, 2010

We Were Robbed!

Every year Scott's mom makes Indian costumes for our nieces and enters them in the Tionesta Indian Costume Contest for the yearly Tionesta Indian Festival.  I guess it's a very big deal.  Well, since we've moved back here, Scott's mom made them for Isaac and Ava as well.  They looked so adorable in them.  Of course, Scott and I were positive Ava and Isaac would win first prize in their category.  When the judges came around Ava would not smile (she will not smile for anyone she doesn't know--little stinker).  Isaac whined the entire time.  He's going through this whiny phase, at least we hope it's a phase, where all he does is whine for anything he wants, doesn't want, etc.

Upon not winning, Scott and I put on our sour faces and decided, we were robbed :)  Oh well, I guess the world of pageantry isn't for our clan.  Shocker.  It was fun though and we got to walk in a parade through the town which I thought was fun!

It's hard to see the kids in these pictures.  I couldn't take my good camera with us because it's hard for other people to use and it's kind of big, but these pics will do.
Scott's mom, Linda and Isaac before the judging.  You can tell Isaac looks really out-of-it.
Miss Ava Mansew and me.  Amazingly, she kept that headband on most of the time.
Our nieces, Izabelle and Grace.  Gracie took second place in Ava's age group.
Here's Gracie getting fed up with everything.
Our gang in the parade.  We brought up the very end.  There's Auntie Tina too--Scott's Sister.

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  1. Good lord, they're cute! Miss Ava is not a big fan of the camera, is she - she never looks too thrilled. LOL

    It looks like you are adjusting nicely to life as a family in PA. Miss ya!