Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just put this picture here because I thought Ava looked sweet as pie in her bikini even though
she's bustin' out of it a little bit.

Well, I might have a job.  This means we will probably have to put the little ones in daycare a couple days a week--maybe two to three days if even that.  Things are tight around here financially (who knew adding two kids into the mix would be so expensive?) so I applied to two part-time positions and I had interviews with both.  One was for an adjunct professor at a university (can you believe it?-and I make sooo many spelling/grammar errors on this blog--who knew I was qualified?) and another was for a wrap-around position where I would work with kids one-on-one in  their school, home and community environment.  I was offered the wrap-around position and the university is currently checking by background and references, so I should hear a yes or no from them any day now.

Daycare now presents a new outlook on things.  I'm excited Isaac and Ava will be able to interact with other children.  They've only been playing with each other and their cousins. But I'm also worried it might start to dissolve the bond they've been forming. They look for each other now when the other isn't around.  Isaac hugs Ava appropriately when she cries (before he used to try to strangle her when he hugged her-literally-it was kinda scary).  They laugh together when they think something is funny and they do this a lot too.  

I'm worried daycare will mess with our routine.  I'm very big on routines as a teacher and believe me Isaac and Ava know the routine.  Oh no, maybe we'll have to conform to the daycare routine!

I'm worried about not being with them all day.  No doubt, I get sick of frustrated with them sometimes, but I do love the sound of their baby noises now that they're trying to talk and the look in their eyes when they're showing me something interesting like a piece of leaf off the ground :)

Anyway, so we're going to be searching the local daycare centers.  There are not many around this area so our search will probably be short.  And I know none will live up to my expectations, dang it.

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