Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Changes

It is so hard to explain the adjustments we are going through right now as a family.  I applied at a university as a part-time professor, but they hired me as full-time.  It all happened so fast.  It's only for one semester, possibly two if they need me to supervise student teachers in the spring.  However, this requires full-time day care for Isaac and Ava now.  We searched and searched around this area to no avail.  Either they could only take one baby or they were full.  I must have called at least twelve day care facilities.  Then, I tried several near the place I am working--only one had two open spots.  The down side was Isaac and Ava would have to travel an hour with me to and from work everyday.  Yuck for the kiddos and mama!  Then my dad mentioned one on they way to my work about 20 minutes from our house.  I stopped and took a look with my critical eye, but they were fabulous.  Plus, they give them breakfast and lunch!  Heaven on earth when it comes down to those critical seconds in the morning.

I miss not seeing them  every minute.  I can tell they have already changed and they've only been at day care one day.

Is it okay to cry?

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  1. It's not only okay, it's pretty much part of the deal. The first time I left Rachel with a babysitter, I spent the day thinking I was a horrible mother. That "babysitter" and her husband are now two of my oldest friends, and Their daughter is one of Rachel's best friends. In fact, she was in Rachel's wedding. The kids not only survived, but thrived!