Friday, September 3, 2010


Here is the new addition to our household:

Stellaluna AKA: Luna
My mom, my sister and I picked her out when she was four weeks old.  We went back to pick her up several weeks later.  When we arrived at the house all we saw were her and her five litter mates running towards us with their HUGE bat-like ears.  Maybe you know the children's book, Stellaluna, about a baby bat?  She reminds be of that.

Luna basically tortures Ava.  Luna likes to lick the coconut oil and other products in Ava's hair so she's always jumping on her and Ava is none too happy about that.  Ava waves her hands--swatting her away.

Ava and Isaac are both trying kiss Luna, making their pucker faces like they do when they read books (they are constantly kissing everyone, animal, etc. in the books they read).

At first they thought Luna was a cat.  Whenever they see a cat, they both make a cat sound like, "mmmeeeeooooowwwww."  Well, when we brought Luna home they starting making the cat sound right away. 

They crack me up sometimes.

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  1. Holy cow, is that dog cute or what?? So you're working full time, raising two beautiful babies, and now a puppy. You do like a challenge don't you Beth?

    I miss you lots! Keep posting - I love to see what the Scullin family is up to!