Sunday, August 15, 2010


I actually don't know if I should be blogging about this situation. I'm quite embarrassed that I (we) really let it go on this long. It makes me sick to my stomach just writing about it write now.

Reader beware.

It all started about-maybe four months ago. I was getting out of the shower and drying my hair and I was thinking, "Gosh, my hair kinda smells like sauerkraut." It did the next couple of times I washed it too. I talked to Scott about it and we agreed it was probably from the straightener I have in my hair. I have a keratin formula ironed in my hair about every three months so I don't have to flat iron all the time (I know, I'm such a hypocrite when I want Ava and Isaac to have natural hair).

So, life went on and my wet hair smelled like sauerkraut (but not when it dried). Then, about two weeks ago, Scott said, "Ya know, I smell the sauerkraut in the shower now too." Uh Oh. So, we agreed that in the near future he would call our brother-in-law, Eric, who digs wells and knows all about country living water, to come look at our spring, where we get our water supply.

Then, you know it, I filled up a glass of water from the faucet last week and yep, it smelled like sauerkraut. FINALLY, we got smart enough to immediately stop all water drinking and preparation with our faucet water.

Eric came over, took a look in our spring contraption, and guess what he found inside? Dead Moles. Five or six of them. Carcasses. I'm probably sure that's what was causing the sauerkraut smell. Oh. My. Gosh.

At that moment, I can't tell you how much I missed Bradenton, Florida's chlorinated zapped city water.

So, the excavation began. The tank had to be cleaned out. Mole carcasses and all. They even found some dead newts in there too. Great. They had to make a new path for the spring so now animals can't dig through. We also have an ultra-violet light and a filter on our water system now for harmful bacteria (because, believe me through all of the the pediatrician was called and the health department was involved).

Do you see the moles?--Here's where the tank is the located. The spring water fills up in here.

There is actually spring water running out onto those rocks, then into that a white pipe (difficult to see because it's covered by dirt). Then, the white pipe goes into a large cement tank.

Here's Scott trying to get all the old water out of the tank.

He's trying to clean out the tank (with the help of Eric and his dad). It was really deep inside.

This is what we'll be drinking our water out of for a very long time, thank you very much. Lesson Learned.

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