Thursday, July 22, 2010


Spaghettio time is overwhelming for me and my Type-A personality.  I have to open the can, pour out the Shaghettios, take off their clothes, put them in their high chairs, walk away and don't look  back.  Scott actually had to take these pictures.  Notice me in the background, not looking at the children and the Spaghettios.  All I want to do when they eat Spaghettios, is constantly wash their face with a washcloth.

Then, when they are actually done with the Spaghettios and you wash them up, you still see Spaghettios and red sauce on them for the next couple of hours.  You never really get it all off of them.  Sigh.

Side note:  In Ava's picture you can see she has a birthmark on her arm.  It's called a hemangioma. It is a
non-cancerous tumor that occurs in 5-10% of all infants-usually white infants will low birthweights, rarely african american or asian infants.  It's three times more likely to happen to female infants.  It will become smaller on it's own.  50% of hemangiomas disappear by the age of 5, those that don't may take up to the age of 10 without laser treatment.

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