Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm going to step away from my usual kid blogging for a minute because my mom mentioned something interesting to me the other day.  We were picking blueberries in the Pennsylvania countryside and talking about this and that and she said,

"You know, I hate how people just assume you don't like Obama."  She continued, "It's like they don't remember the past eight years and realize what he has to clean up."

My mom is a very smart woman.

Now, I'm not going to make this a political blog in any way, shape or form.  Since I've become a parent, I've actually stopped following politics.  They upset me.  Nothing ever seems to get solved and it's frustrating.  Before children, Scott and I would have exhuberent discussions all the time, especially about education and healthcare topics (obviously), but lately we've had more pressing matters.

However, when I was reading my daily internet news, I came upon this: Obama Calls Upon Senate to Pass The Paycheck Fairness Act.

He stated, “In America today, women make up half of the workforce, and two-thirds of American families with children rely on a woman’s wages as a significant portion of their families’ income.”

This made me realize he understands what's really going on in American homes today:  Women Work, but there is something still wrong:

Today, women continue to earn only $0.77 for every $1 that men earn. This gap in pay occurs across educational groups and is larger for women of color than for white women.

I also read as soon as a woman graduates, the pay gap emerges, long before most woman marry or take time off for child care.  What? You mean discrimination?  I could go on and on with statistics, but clearly something needs done and something can be done right now.

So, as President Obama pushes for this, what will the Senate do?

You know, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on people who just assume you can't stand Obama.  I just assume everyone can't stand George W.

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