Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remodeling, enough already.

Tearing up the old the old floor.

You can kind of see our new floor here.

Now we start tearing up the living room carpet.  Can't wait!

It's been exhausting the past couple of weeks remodeling our new house.  I mean truly exhausting.  Scott and I are tired of each other, tired of the house, tired of the babies (yes, it's true), tired of everything.  It's so frustrating when the living room is in the in the dining room, the fridge is in the hallway, etc.

 The really horrible part was when we didn't have a sink in our kitchen for five days because we were getting new counter tops.  Yikes.  We had to make a makeshift kitchen in the bathroom and you basically had to "do your business" next to the clean dishes I just washed.

Another really fun part was when Vic, my Dad's friend, came over to put our new faucet in. Now, he's actually a really good plumber and has done other stuff for us.  He thought he turned off our main water line and apparently he didn't.  Water went gushing everywhere, including all over our new wood laminate floors we just laid.  Many naughty words were said in front of the children.  Hours of hard labor went flashing before my eyes before I ran and grabbed about 20 towels.  We soaked up all the water though and the floors are supposed to be water resistant so we'll see...

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