Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I think we've baby-proofed the nursury pretty well.  Since we've been remodeling, we'll leave Ava and Isaac in there to play for about 15 minutes at a time and check on them to make sure everything is okay.  They can't play in the rest of the house right now like they usually do because it's really too dangerous.  All the while listening for unusual noises, checking for laughter, giggeling, etc. 

Today, I was painting the old head registers in the house and heard some good times going on in their bedroom.

I opened the door and somehow they opened their drawer that contains all their hair products (they have so many).  They pulled out their hair grease (AKA coconut oil). They were eating it, rubbing their hands in it, rubbing it all over their faces and bodies.

Out of shock and disbelief that my babies would do something like this (yeah, right) I said, No, No!  Ava gave the poutiest lower lip you have ever seen and started to cry.  Isaac couldn't have cared less and crawled away to look for more hair grease because it tastes pretty good.

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