Friday, June 4, 2010

He's What?

Our baby boy is growing up so fast.


Scott's parents offered to take Ava and Isaac for a day while we kept working on the floors in our house.  We're remodeling and it's taking forever.  We're doing most of it ourselves and with two new little ones, well, let's just say, it's been a real treat.  Before said children, if Scott and I needed to get something done, we would stay up to two o'clock in the morning.  No problem.  Now, there's naptimes and feeding times and bedtimes, etc.  Notice there's not much work-on-the-floor-time in there.  Anyway, so Scott's parents (The Miller's) whisked Ava and Isaac off for the day and I barely blinked an eye, just ready to work on the freakin' floor.

So, The Miller's call and declare that Isaac is now walking, yes walking.  He has walked five steps.  FOR THE FIRST TIME.


Now, we've been working with him on walking before this, but he would always take a tiny baby-step sideways and fall down.  ALWAYS.

I'm not a drama queen, but I was a little upset, happy, upset.

When he came home, we had a whole big production of Isaac walking.  It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  When he walks, he take a few steps and stops to get his balance, but breathes real heavy and does some Tai Chi moves with his arms at the same time.

Our baby is growing up.

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  1. AAAWWWWW! I remember when I was working at the daycare, in the infant room. We had a little boy that was really big for his age. He loved me! He said his first word to me, Ma ma. It took us two weeks for him to say it in front of his mom. The next thing was, I got him to walk! It only took about one week for him to walk for his mom, but she missed both his firsts and I felt really bad for her. I am glad he is walking Beth, but you are going to have your hands full now!