Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lake Memorial Day Weekend

Our family trekked up to Lake Chautauqua this weekend to help with opening up the cottage. My Grandma and Grandpa Wolf have owned this place since my mom was a baby and have been coming here during the summers ever since. When we arrived, I was happy there were no dead mice in the toilets because usually they put antifreeze in them over the winter so the lines don’t freeze. The mice love it…but the mice can’t get out of the toilet and it’s poisonous to them anyway. This is what I was worried about going up there. The day was packed with dusting spider webs (I saved all the spiders), putting in the dock and boathouse, mowing the grass, raking the grass, eating, feeding babies, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

I really noticed today at the lake how Ava and Isaac beg for food. If anyone is eating anything, they are hanging on your leg, pulling, making noise to try to get your attention so you’ll give them some of your food. It’s quite embarrassing. For one: they act like I never feed them, and two: do they not know when they are satisfied? I have to stop feeding them (especially Isaac) or they will just keep eating and eating.

Great Grandma Wolf and Ava

The Family and Paula in the background

Ava finally starts to like grass.

After everyone cleaned, we unpacked our stuff and it was a mess again.

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  1. Beth, I love the pictures! They are all so great! I like that you put Ava in the water but you are not in :p There is no need to worry about them trying to eat all the time. I am sure it is not as much food as you think. All the children I know have done or still do that. The just eat a little here and then a little more there. I am so glad you started the blog! I know it is hard to keep us up to date so I am glad we can just jump on here and check out what is going on in our niece and nephew's lives. We love you!