Friday, May 28, 2010

Lactose Intolerance

Our little man has had poops of the worst kind since joining our family around three months ago.  We have struggled with many blowouts a day with clothes changes involved (sometimes we would have to have three different outfits on him a day--not including his PJ's).  I was doing laundry all of the time.  I would have to change his sheets morning, noon, and night.  Literally.  He has also had sores in unmentionable areas (oh, the pain).  At first, I insisted it was parasites (it still might be a contributor).  Then, my mother-in-law mentioned lactose intolerance. Hmmmmm.  I mentioned it to my pediatrician two days later.  We tried Lactaid. No go.  We tried Soy.  NO GO.  Then, we tried Rice Milk.  Oh, I think we might buy stock in that drink.

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