Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Daily Reading

Let me tell you, reading everyday to a 15 month old and a 13 month old is not for the faint of heart (not for a type A personality person anyway). First, there are always, always our three dogs in the room as well and they are usually way more entertaining than a book. I have slowly realized we can't read our books word for word straight through (what, are you crazy!) Yes, it's true. For some reason, young children like to focus on the colorful pictures. Me, being an upper elementary teacher for 10 years, it took me just under four weeks of daily reading to realize this. I guess I'm slow. They like to turn the pages back and fourth, back and forth. And the new thing is, we have to kiss all the characters in the book on each and every page. Ava started doing it, now Isaac has joined in on the fun too.

However, the books they absolutely, without a doubt love, are the dinosaur books by Jane Yolen (love her) and Mark Teague (double love him). The vividly colored dinosaurs captures their attention. Plus their is always a dog in there that looks like Pup Pup (our dog) and Isaac always seems to notice and point (I'm such a proud mama). Of course my FAVORITE is How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?. When we read these, they keep the dog watching down to a minimum :)

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