Sunday, September 11, 2011

Water Fun at the End of the Summer

 Its Scott and its time for my first blog post.  We are all  pretty upset to see summer coming to an end even though we will still have several good weeks of weather.  Its time for Mommy to go back to work and  school and Ava and Isaac to go back to Daycare.  The kids seem like they are growing like crazy we just got their winter clothes ready yesterday and were shocked at the amount of clothes that no longer fit them.  Pretty soon they will be driving. 

This summer on hot days their favorite afternoon activity was playing in a water table that my sister Tina had bought for them.  Some days I would come home from work to a wet Isaac running through the kitchen from the front deck saying "Daddy playing in water!!"  We strip them down to their diapers, fill up the table, throw in some toys and let them go to town.  The fun usually lasts until all of the water has been dumped all of each other and splashed out all over the deck.  They like to play with dishes in the water and pretend that they are making food for us.  They mix it up and bring it over asking us if we want some and then they ask us if its good and then they head right back to the table to make us more.  Of course this doesn't stop them from drenching one another on the process.  This all results in hours of fun for everybody!!

Ava in action!!


Just Hangin' Out

Makin' Bacon

So Sweet and Innocent...

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