Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vasaline and Makeup

Both Isaac and Ava L-O-V-E my makeup tray in our bedroom.  All the little bottles, eyeshadow and brushes are just too much to resist.  They are usually very good and point to my makeup tray and say "Mommy's" like I've told them a hundred times.  Sometimes, when I'm putting on my lotions, makeup and such, one of them will be really brave and grab an item quick off the tray and try to make a run for it. 

Again, temptation is such a difficult thing for two- two and a half year olds when shiny forbidden objects are free for the taking.

So, I'm at my computer in my office, trying to order books for my new classes all the while thinking, "They're being really good!"  Well, about two minutes later, Isaac comes into the office, taps me on my arm so I will turn around and said, "Ava bad (they love to tattle on each other)."  I look down at him and he (which includes his face, hair, hands, arms, legs and clothes) are all covered in Vaseline.

I think I was speechless at this point.

Then, I run out of the room yelling "AVVVAAA."  Of course, she is also covered in Vaseline, foundation, and various creams.  All of these items, as you probably already know, were on my makeup tray.

I start laughing, then they start laughing, and I finally get them to pose for pictures.

In the last post, you saw them at their best.  This might be one of their worst.  They make me laugh.

What's wrong Mommy?

Luna really loves Vaseline.

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