Friday, January 7, 2011

Dance Party

These two LOVE to dance.  It doesn't matter if it's a toy that plays a little beat or a commerical they hear in another room, you'll see their bodies start to move back and forth and their heads start to bounce.  These two have rhythm.  It's actually quite amazing because I don't so I marvel at theirs.

At this juncture, I was watching Sex in the City, The Movie (the first one-I heard the second one's not worth watching) when the kids were sleeping.  I turned the movie off while the credits were rolling during this song.  Mr. Isaac loves to press the buttons on the bluray player. Next thing you know, the Dance Party is on.  I tried to whip out the camera as fast as I could,
but really I only caught the end of it.

I also think it's funny that halfway through it Ava stops and admires the Christmas tree like it's the first time she's seen it, then just starts dancing again.

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  1. Okay. That made me laugh right out loud. I love that they can walk and dance at the same time!