Thursday, December 16, 2010

Break Down

This post breaks my heart.

 But I wanted to document Isaac's temper tantrums.  He used to have them quite often.  Throwing himself on the floor when he didn't get something he wanted.  He would get this upset if he didn't get his food in time too (this hasn't happened in about seven months though).

We started using Time Out a little while back.  If you look in the first picture, there is a small wood chair.  If he starts to get unruly, we place him in time out for 60 seconds.  This seems to really be helping. He actually stays in the chair too.  I took these pictures about two weeks about and he hasn't had one since.

Ok, so Time Out is NOT working in this picture.  I realize this, but I think we're going to keep on this track with him.

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