Saturday, October 23, 2010


These babies are a hot mess.  They both have continuous runny noses and are crabby!  Scott took them to the doctor this week and Ava has an ear infection too.  Poor girl.  But, she's grown two inches and gained two pounds in two months (Isaac will be measured next month).

They are both talking up a storm. 
Ava's been saying things like:  eye, sock, shoe, "No, no, Luna," want the book, wanna see it.

Isaac says: eye, book, don't want it, "No, no, Luna."
(We taught them to say, "No, no, Luna." when Luna, the new puppy, jumps up on them.)

Isaac has been such a sweet boy lately.  He hugs Ava when she's upset.  He will also walk up to her and give her a kiss sometimes.  It's really touching to see him do this.

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