Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pool is SOLD!

When we moved into our house so many were excited about this pool.  I, on the other hand, was not.

 First, it's about 25 feet from our house, so when you look out any windows from the from the back of our house, this is all you see (but in the winter we have a black tarp and milk jugs hanging on it too). 

 Second, those steps are dang-er-ous for our little ones.  Isaac and Ava can crawl up those things in the blink of an eye and I'm not kidding (don't judge, but we actually raced them).  My little sister, who's not so little anymore, almost drowned when she was three years old  (I was nine).  We were at a friend of the family's with my siblings when all of a sudden she was just floating in the water. She actually stopped breathing and my mom performed CPR on her and rushed her to the hospital.  I'll never forget that.  Accidents can happen so fast.  I don't think I'm a paranoid mother, but in my mind, with that experience, keeping that pool is just asking for trouble.

Finally, when someone moves to Pennsylvania, the state (or someone) should send you a "Welcome to Pennsylvania" packet of some sort and let you know that you will be receiving two tax bills.  Not one in January, like we are used to, like normal states that include our property taxes and our school taxes.  But TWO.  One in January and also one in July.  I mean what a shocker to go to your mailbox and get another tax bill in July!  Actually, Scott and I thought something was wrong so he talked to people at work the next day and they were all like, "Oh, yeah, you get one in July every year."  What? 

So, it was settled.  We had to sell the pool for aesthetics, safety and money.

Pool Intact
Before we cleaned it up, it was more like a pond.  We saved three frogs and hundreds of tadpoles before we added the shock and the chlorine.  Scott was very, very patient with me and my tadpole saving mission.
The buyers begin to take down the pool.  Woo hoo!

There was a hornet's nest under the deck we never knew about, but they had to kill it with spray.

Loading it up.
Scott planning what we're going to do with the space next year.

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