Friday, July 2, 2010

Shadow Box Part 2

This is Isaac's shadow box.  Notice the doo-dad (for lack of a better word) that I placed  in the location of their birth city, Dire Dawa.  His hands and feet are much bigger than Ava's and had a lot more smudge marks on the paper from the ink impressions eventhough I took about ten of them.

Here are some hand and feet action shots with Isaac.  This boy makes me want 8:30 (bedtime) to come around real quick most days.  Below he is shutting the door to the front porch.  That's what he does now. Shut doors.  If I can't find him, he's shut a door and he's behind it crying because he can't get out.  You'd think he'd learn but he doesn't.  Sometimes, he's shut two in a row, our bedroom door then, our bathroom door.  Double whammy.  Crying, crying, crying till I come get him then he'll do it again ten seconds later. Ugh!!!!!!!!!

He's trying to put his shoe on here. Then, he tried using it as a phone.

These little feet are walking everywhere now and getting into everything.  He loves the dog's water dish and has introduced Ava to this wonderful attraction in the laundry room.  They hike over there every morning after breakfast to see if I've forgotten to put up the water dish.  If I've left it on the ground--within minutes I hear giggles and water splashing and their clothes are soaked. Me--I'm saying some naughty words.
Look!  No arches!

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