Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shadow Box Part 1

I am certainly not a crafty person, but I saw these on sale at a Joann in a nearby town so I bought two with the idea of placing Isaac's and Ava's footprints and handprints in them somehow.  The real fun part was putting the ink on their feet and hands and not getting it on everything in a six foot radius.  I didn't have to buy anything else because all the other materials were leftover from their lifebooks (I might post about that later).  I raised the Ethiopia silloete and her first and middle name to add some depth to the display.  I don't know--I was just trying it out.  We're going to hang them in their rooms soon with large block letters of their names.

I wanted some feet and hand pics to go along with the shadow box.  I think her tiny feet are so adorable.

She had here socks here and was waving them around and around and singing-jabbering to them.
I love this toothy grin of hers.  I've been calling her a beaver lately :)

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  1. Beth, I love this! I think you did a great job and I am excited to see these up in their rooms. She is getting big, and I am glad to see that she does like to smile : ) She is so pretty! Good work on the box.