Friday, July 27, 2012

Sesame Street Mornings

I've been staying home with Ava and Isaac two to three days a week during the summer.  Almost every morning they "demand" (as in whine and cry until they get it) watching two Sesame Street videos on YouTube.  I guess this is my fault because I introduced the videos to them about a month ago.

The first one is Cookie Monster singing a spoof of Call Me Maybe.  EVERY TIME we watch it, Isaac says one of the people in the group of people playing the toy instruments is Uncle Marc (the one in the front using drum sticks) and one is Uncle Brian (the one in the front playing the xylophone--and he has an ugly beard). I actually love watching A & I watch this video.  They just stare at it and occasionally start to dance during their favorite parts.

Here's the link:

Cookie Monster--Call Me Maybe

The other video is of a little Black girl puppet singing "I Love My Hair."  She has a little afro and looks JUST like Ava.  A & I ask "Can we watch the Ava hair song?"

Here's the link:

I Love My Hair!

So, take five minutes and watch both videos--the lyrics are hilarous.  You won't regret it--they'll make you smile---I have everytime I've watched them (literally about 127 times).


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