Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Pool Hole

We have a huge hole where our pool used to be.  We had sold our pool two summers ago since I was terrified of having a pool with toddlers.  Ava and Isaac were starting to climb the stairs to it at only 18 months old.  Again, it terrified me. 

Since then we've been putting off buying dirt to have the hole filled.  Several weeks ago, we paid over 200$ to have fill-dirt delivered.  When they came to put the fill dirt in--we realized 200 dollars does not buy a lot of dirt.  Dang.

Because we didn't want to spend our life savings on fill dirt, Scott asked his brother-in-law, Eric, to try to make the hole flat with his backhoe (spelling?).  This past Saturday, the whole Flick family came over to fill in the hole.  Eric did a fantastic job.  Scott tried it out too.  All the kids had a ride on the machine (except Ava--of course she was too scared).

Ava and Gracie making rock piles.

Isaac is always sweating!

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