Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potty Training Part I

I can't even explain how horrible potty training has been.  We thought we were prepared. Big girl and big boy underwear--check.  Skittles, mini kit-kats, m&ms for bribery--check.  Potty training seat and stool--check.  Books for light reading--check.  Ava and Isaac peeing in the potty--disastrous.

Our days have been full of puddles of pee on the floor, poops in the underwear, and my blood pressure rising and rising. 

Why is this so difficult?  They are almost three.  Scott says he doesn't like the fact that he can have a conversation with Isaac when he changes his diaper.

We press on.  Basically I'm posting these pictures because Isaac will want to kill me when he's about fifteen--this is my payback for not peeing and pooping in the potty on cue.

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