Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chini Bread

Are you trying to tell me that a week ago this was in your garden?

Its no secret around our house that the kids favorite food is zucchini bread. Anytime you ask them what they want to eat their answer is "Chini Bread!!" At daycare they said that they have had kids ask them for a lot of things but they have never had anyone ask them for zucchini bread before our kids. After all their work so hard in the garden growing it all summer they deserve the fruits of their labor right? today they decided that during one of their may intimate meals with each other they would invite their babies and have them part6ake in some chini bread as well. Needless to say most of it ended up on the floor but it resulted in fun times for all...and by for all i mean the dogs.

3 out of 4 babies agree that mommies chini bread has a nice balance of texture and richness
that goes well with a fine milk from a sippie

The chini flavor really comes through in this piece!

Babies give the bread 4 stars!!

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