Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Little Garden Gnome and Scarecrow

I know everyone thinks that their kids are the are cutest. And I thought I would never be one of THOSE parents. But low and behold, I am.

We have the cutest kids ever.

I was totally against dressing Ava and Isaac up this year for Halloween. I said, "It just looks like we are trying to get some candy." And we were. They are way too young to trick-or-treat. But when Scott brought home these costumes and dressed them up my mind was changed completely. Who could resist not showing off these irresistible children I ask?

The Garden Gnome AKA: Ava

The Pouty Scarecrow AKA: Isaac

Ava's already over the whole Halloween thing and we hadn't even started.

Ava is totally loving this photo op.

And we're done.

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  1. Holy cow - how absolutely freakin' cute!!! But how on earth did you get them to keep those hats on their heads? Who came up with the garden gnome idea? Love it!