Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Buggars

This is their new thing.  We take our eye off of them for a minute (well, maybe two minutes) and look what happens.  Clothes everywhere.  Even a few diapers too.  And they're extremely happy to show you what they have done.  I can almost hear them. "Look Mom, we've done some rearranging of our own.  We understand you spent hours organizing all of fall and winter clothes into those drawers and packing away our summer clothes.  But it looks much better like this.  That's why we keep doing it." 

Pause....Try not to scream.....

Pick up clothes for the fourth time. 

 Does anyone know how to keep dresser drawers closed?   We've tried to keep the door closed (we forget) and they are lightning fast in this process.  Plus, they have some of their toys in there they like to play with, so I don't like to keep their bedroom off limits because our house is small as well. Hmmmm.....

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