Sunday, August 1, 2010

In-Law Family Reunion 2010

Back Left: Scott's mom (Linda), Scott's Grandma (Bea), Scott's Brother In-Law (Eric), Scott's Sister (Tina)
Front Left: Me holding Isaac, Scott holding Ava, Scott's niece Grace, Scott's niece Izabelle

Now, Scott's family comes from a long line Pennsylvanian's (sp?) and this is still new to me. For example, we walked into a flooring store when we were remodeling and the sales guy asked Scott what his last name was and they talked for 10 minutes about all the people they new.  Then, they asked what my maiden name was.  I told him (my family is from Cleveland, so no one has my last name) and he just kind of stared at me and moved on to selling us flooring.

The reunion was kind of a potluck situation and at a pavilion.  It was raining before we arrived. Scott's grandma was really upset not many people showed up (probably because of the rain status) and let everyone there know her feelings about that :) I thought there was quite a truck load of people attending (like 40 people), but I guess that's not a lot for their family's standards.

It was wonderful to meet Isaac and Ava's second cousins who were adopted from India.  Three beautiful girls Saona, Angelic, and Mya! We also heard their adoption story and they're quite a bit older than our babies (ages 9-13).

Here's some pic's from the event:


Does Ava ever smile for a picture?

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