Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Readers

Since Scott and I have finished our flooring project, we've rearranged the kid's room a few times only to put it back exactly the same way we had it before.  We tried placing their cribs end-to-end to save on room, but they made up games where they would pass their blankets and stuffed animals back and forth through the crib slats to each other.  They basically had a party every naptime because all you heard was laughing.

Anyway, during the arranging process, I noticed Isaac started to really pay more attention to the hard board books in the "library" in their bedroom.  I think because he can hold them better in his hands? So I placed all of their board books in one of their library baskets.  Now, that's all we read and that's all Isaac wants to play with. Ava rather dance with her music toys most of the time-kidding. She's actually starting to mimic him in the book reading process. 

This is how the library starts out in the morning- neat and tidy.

And this is how it ends up ten minutes later almost everyday and I leave it like that.   P.S. This would never be acceptable in my classroom, but I have to let go sometimes, right?

They love this one about five little monkeys jumping a bed.

Isaac bringing books out into the rest of the house, he drops one, then goes and gets another for his reading pleasure.

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