Friday, June 25, 2010

Bath Time

"Really?  What's the camera doing in here?"

They actually have fun during bath time, but I couldn't seem to grasp that with the camera this time. Huh.

Isaac and Ava's first bath in Ethiopia.

Their first bath in Addis Ababa was quite an event.  I'm pretty sure they've never had a bath before. Isaac screamed at first and didn't want to sit down in the water. He would only calm down after could hold Scott's orange shaving cream cap and I slowly, slowly poured water over his legs  Ava thought it was a good time and started splashing a little.  Water is conserved there for obvious reasons.  They use water basins and cloths to rinse the children.  I was very impressed that Isaac and Ava were very clean when we first me them. 

We gave them two baths the first day for their scabies treatment. We heard from several families that adopted before us scabies were running rampant in their orphanage.  We're pretty sure they didn't have them, but after researching scabies I didn't want to take any chances.

Upon returning home, we were still giving Isaac and Ava baths one at time.  I would wash Ava, towel her off, run more bath water for Isaac, Scott would then wash Isaac while I started to put various lotions on Ava... Then, someone said to me in casual conversation, I think it was my sister-in-law, Tina, "Why don't you put them in the tub together?"...Genius.  You mean we don't have to do double the work to get the kids clean? 

Yes, we're still learning.

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