Monday, November 16, 2009


This is our classroom bunny Ophelia. I don't necessarily agree with classroom pets because a lot of them are neglected over time, kids get bored of them, they might get hurt by small hands, etc. However, a parent asked me to take Ophelia because their son loves animals and they know I love animals and the owners of Ophelia were totally neglecting her emotionally. Actually, rabbits are really social animals. Soooo, I took her into our classroom. She runs around the classroom for about two hours a day and she poops everywhere. The "Pet Care" kids for the week go around picking up all her poop with paper towels all day (washing their hands afterward of course). Then, the poop that's missed gets smashed into the carpet by shoes. She also nips at kids-yes she's bit a few of us. It's to be expected. She was neglected for the first part of her life, now she has 20, no 40 hands grabbing her. I've kind of got that under control, but it's still stressful for her. Actually she's very sweet. She's started laying down to let the kids pet her and she loves raw carrots and beans. The kids absolutely love her!

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